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Outsourcing a Full Team of Application Support Experts for Your Online App

Meta: Outsourcing a full application support team for your web-based app could give you big advantages, and can be the most practical choice to go.

Hire an Application Support Team for Your Online App!

Developing an online application do not stop on its release. It is a continuous process especially in keeping your users satisfied with your app. This brings you the need to have a good support team working for your app, which is vital for an online application to function properly. This is where the hiring of first and second line
application support
comes in, and outsourcing them could be a more efficient choice.

Why Should You Outsource Your Online Software Support Team?

There are good reasons for you to outsource a full team of app support, instead of hiring office-based staff or outsourcing one by one. Circling on the factors of efficiency and convenience, this could make your operations smoother and lead to better user satisfaction. These great reasons are:

  1. Outsourcing a full team of professional software support is much easier than hiring them one by one. It will surely take a longer time for you if you will hire one employee at a time, regardless of it being outsourced or office-based. However, outsourcing a full team of experts for app support will only require you to look for a reliable company, which already has all the professionals that you need.

Like in the RPN Technology, you just have to avail of their services for your online app. They can provide you a full team of first and second line support, thus letting you start or go on with your operations immediately.

  1. Outsourcing a team means you have full set of staff that can definitely work better as a team. They are already working with each other even before you hire them for app support. You can expect them to have a harmonious relationship as a team, thus causing better workflow with great results. Forming your own team by traditional way of recruitment would require you to allot time, effort and even cash on team building sessions and the likes, just to make your employees function better as a team.
  1. If you will simply outsource a team, you only have to communicate with its manager or team leader. This could lead to better workflow, since you do not have to relay info and instructions to various people. If you want your app support team to function properly, having a bunch of employees with different culture, work behaviors, language and time zones could be the least thing you need. Such issue can even affect the efficiency of the workflow in your team.
  1. Most outsourcing companies has review sections, or clients giving their feedbacks through a blog post. This could make it easier for you to find the best team of
    application support
    , since you can know more about them by having info from such reviews. This could also help you in gauging a certain company’s proficiency on their job without hassle. Hiring or outsourcing individuals would require you to depend only on the documents that they submit, or on test phases that you would implement.
  1. Outsourcing a full team for software support is definitely far more practical than having office-based employees. You do not have to pay lease for an office space, deal with monthly utility bills, and you do not need to purchase computer units along with other office stuff. You just have to pay one invoice for the outsourced company, and you do not have to shoulder their utilities as well.

This is also true when you compare outsourcing a team to individual outsourcing. Outsourcing a full team of app support would eliminate the need for you to manage a list of payroll regularly. Managing payrolls could be inconvenient, especially if you need to manage different employees with varying rate calculations.

How to Find the Right Team of Experts to Outsource for App Support?

It could be difficult to look for the right team that you should outsource for very technical positions. If you need a team of
application support
, it simply means you need first, second or even third line supports. Moreover, each of those support line requires different experts on specific tasks. This makes it important for you to be careful in outsourcing a full team, for you to have the best.

  1. Always start by reading through reviews and feedbacks of previous or current clients. You can read such reviews on the websites of some companies, or have it from a client’s own blog posts. This can help you know more info about certain companies, and give you glimpse on how they work for app support through the lens of their clients. Moreover, this can also let you know about a company’s reliability.
  2. Aside from simply reading reviews, check the official website of a company. If it is on high quality, you can have an idea that they can definitely work great. Try communicating with them through their contacts as well. This is for you to know how they handle their clients, which could tell you a lot on how they will handle your app users.
  3. A company should be able to provide you with the people that you need. For instance, you probably need a helpdesk operator for your first line support and an IT technician for second line support. The company you outsource should provide both for each software support lines and some other staff that you need for it.
  4. You should also make sure that the company could work on full operations for you. You do not want to outsource a team that is only available for 8 hours, when your online apps runs for 24 hours. You do not know when your app users’ needs technical support, after all.
  5. Of course, you should look for reputable yet affordable companies to outsource. For instance, it is favorable to pay for one that can provide both first and second line support, instead of outsourcing a company that offers first and second lines for different packages.

Final Words

Outsourcing a full team of
application support
can certainly give you huge advantages and benefits. With the big reasons mentioned above, you should certainly go for it, instead of going for traditional recruitments of individual employees. Just do not forget about the tips on looking for a good app support team to hire, for you to have an excellent team working for you.

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